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About Spa Wellness Travel

Spa Wellness Travel is a travel operator who specialises in coordinating stays at spa resorts and spa health retreats and was created in 2001 on the belief of our philosophy.

Our Spa Wellness Travel Collection of uniquely chosen spa resorts and spa health retreats is reviewed annually giving reassurance that the relevance of the spa property is still of benefit and value.   The spa properties within the Spa Wellness Travel Collection generally take action or practice in:

  • Sustaining the Environment
  • Using Organic Products or Cuisine
  • Community Charity Work

Other Spa Wellness Travel packages can be experienced around the world.


It is our belief that peoples’ happiness and wellbeing are of the utmost importance and that the connection between people, family, land, earth and spirit is entwined, that is mind-body-spirit.

Giving to yourself enables you to give to others.  By blending the worlds of spa and travel that involve therapies and cultures, the Spa Wellness Travel experience can enhance your awareness, consciousness and acceptance of your being, people and the planet in which we live on.



Spa Wellness Travel has grown as a result of listening to its clients’ needs and aspirations.  Our belief and dedication is for the wellbeing and happiness of those seeking a quality and rejuvenating time-out experience.  By offering a holistic service we can allow individuals, couples or groups to benefit.

Personal response to all Spa Wellness Travel enquiries and reservations because human connection is important.

To operate and maintain an office that is Environmentally Sustainable where possible.

To keep the connection and movement of life positive.

Encourage people to take time for life skill enhancement for mind, body and spirit wellness.

To continually review the unique collection of spa resorts and spa health retreats, so they are fitting with the Spa Wellness Travel philosophy.


Who we are supporting

It, breast cancer, is an experience we could all do without.  Like any other unforeseen tradegy in life, when it strikes, it cannot be ignored.  Dealing with the diagnosis, the treatments, our relationships and regaining the momentum of life, is all time consuming and it can take its toll, affecting us physically and emotionally.  Its for those reasons, through experience and it's time to give back, we choice to donate and support:  

Breast Cancer Network Australia - when you book a Spa Wellness Travel package mention BCNA and we will donate $100 from each booking, that's also including our 'Revive~a breast cancer~Retreat'.

Bali Pink Ribbon - through personal contact it was decided with each 'Revive Retreat' we will take prothesis and masectomy and surgerical bras to women in Bali (Indonesia) who've been touched by breast cancer.