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Spa Calendar

April 2018

Song Saa private island - wellness rejuvenate OFFER

Song Saa private island, Cambodia
Thursday 12th April - Monday 30th April

Stay Pay OFFER - welcome to a carefree paradise, an intimate escape in a far-flung archipelago that combines luxury, serenity and a deep connection with the environment.  A 'spa with no walls' is not your everyday spa centre - it's actually made up of little 'sanctuaries' dotted across the island, where treatments take place nestled in nature.  A perfect haven for a wellness rejuvenate. 

Spa Village Digital Detox

Tembok, Bali
Sunday 22nd April - Thursday 26th April

The fast world and the attachment to technology can be consuming and draining on our mind and body.  Take this time to digitally detox, allow and stimulate your senses in a beautiful beach front location that is removed from the fast life distractions you may be feeling at home and work. This digital detox may feel uncomfortable for some, but embrace the downtime to rejuvenate and revive your mind, body and spirit.