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Emotional Healing

"Awakening Your Essential Self Retreat" with Karina Stewart

Guests will have the unique opportunity to work closely with Kamalaya co-Founder Karina Stewart, MATCM (Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine) who will personally facilitate a series of intimate group retreats to support participants through a subtle process of inner discovery...

Embracing Change

The Embracing Change program is the first of Kamalaya's wellness programs to focus on exploring one's inner life and emotional disposition. This is an ideal program to enrich your emotional well-being and life fulfilment. The focus throughout the program is to address current life situations...

Finding Emotional Balance & Freedom Retreat

“From perception arises emotion; 
from emotion arises decision;
from decision arises action; 
action creates destiny.”

Having been immersed in monastic lifestyles in India for over a decade,Kamalaya’s Life Enhancement Mentors, Rajesh Ramani, Smitha...

Ideal Weight

Designed to help identify area of physical imbalance and related emotional or mental patterns, this structured program guides people towards achieving their optimal weight and maintaining balance inside and out.  This is not a 'fad' diet designed for rapid weight loss, but a healthy lifestyle...

Sleep Enhancement

The focus of the Sleep Enhancement program is to be re-establish healthy and restful sleep while addressing sleep issues and imbalances, not only during a guest's time at Kamalaya, but also for the long term back home. Sleep difficulties are addressed through a combination of core treatments and...

Stress Management

The program involves a number of Mind activities, Mindfulness and Stress & Burnout check-ups and retreat programs - often with visiting Masters and Art of Living Foundation Course.

The program teaches to let go and ultimately surrender - to the divine inside you.

The Farm...

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