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Raw / Vegetarian Cuisine

Detox with Colon Hydrotherapy

ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY’S signature Detox programs are designed to meet individual needs and requirements. The Ultimate Detox is a full fasting program, whilst The Living Foods Detox involves 2 light raw food meals a day and finally The Vegetarian Detox involves 2 light...

Detox with Manual Lymphatic

Understanding that not all people are able to undergo colon hydrotherapy or would like to, ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY has specially designed its Living Foods & Vegetarian Detox program with daily manual lymphatic drainage massages instead of colon hydrotherapy so that guests with such needs can...

Absolute Sanctuary - Thailand - spa wellness retreat

Holistic Detox Program

Absolute Sanctuary's Holistic Detox program has been developed for those who are seeking a more holistic touch to their detox with supportive healing spa treatments and alternative therapies, in addition to the standard Signature Detox programs.

Absolute Sanctuary - Thailand - spa wellness retreat

Modified Detox

Absolute Sanctuary's Modified Detox program has been specially designed for beginners or for those not too comfortable with doing daily colonics.  It provides one with an insight of what a full detox program entails without the intensity of daily colon hydrotherapy sessions and a full fasting...

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