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Shanti Maurice

Nira Body Beautiful

Nira Body Beautiful is the Nira Spa's solution to detox.  All the therapies in this package are cleverly combined to rid the body of impurities that accumulate over a period of time, using centuries old remedies and techniques.  As detoxification is a process, the treatment inclusions of Body...

Shanti Maurice

Renewed You

Renewed You unites physical workout and body treatments with guided spiritual focus to target problems associated with weight management.  In this package long established international disciplines are drawn on and enhanced by using of the blends of traditional medicinal herbs from India, 100%...

Vital Body Cleanse

The body cleansing and detoxification are vital to our health.  Environmental toxins and chemicals found in our food can be harmful to our wellbeing. The Vital Body Cleanse is perfect for those who are new to detoxing, this gentle body cleanse has been created to eliminate and counteract the...

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