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Ultimate Unwind

When stress levels are too high, it is essential that we take the time to restore balance in life.  This program is designed to focus on stress release and ultimate relaxation.  Featuring a selection of The Barai's best relaxation and rejuvenation treatments, coupled with pure indulgence, this...

Vital Body Cleanse

The body cleansing and detoxification are vital to our health.  Environmental toxins and chemicals found in our food can be harmful to our wellbeing. The Vital Body Cleanse is perfect for those who are new to detoxing, this gentle body cleanse has been created to eliminate and counteract the...

Wedding Blessing

This special Amanpulo celebration is a unique and memorable experience.  Renew your vows with a "Wedding Blessing" - your sentimental ceremony will performed by a Filipino wedding officer in a setting on a powder-white sand beach at sunset, only steps away from the turquioise waters of Sulu Sea...


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