Creative Visualisation

Creative Visualisation

An effective process of creating what we want in our lives using mental energy to transform and greatly improve health, beauty, prosperity, loving relationships, and the fulfilment of all one’s desires. A relaxation technique similar to meditation where in a quiet room you are narratively lead to imagine a serene, relaxing environment, such as a beautiful sand beach or peaceful meadow. By describing things like the colour of the sky or the smell or wildflowers, the instructor creates a soothing fantasy environment.

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What They Say

I had a wonderful experience thank you! It made me realize that I cannot function in everyday life without taking time out to rest, relax and detox like that. I feel much lighter and not tired. The staff were fantastic, the organisation of the detox plan was great, the food (from what I got to eat) was amazing and the property was beautiful. Thanks so much for giving me a gentle nudge towards The Farm. It was exactly what was allowed me to just go that bit further into myself.

Rachel Lam ~ QLD