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Sometimes reading can stop me in my tracks. My thoughts. To ponder.

Recently it was a read within our local gazette Talking Heads.

It was the word ‘dadirri (da-did-ee)

Aboriginal people practice deep listening, an almost spiritual skill, based on respect.  Dadirri is an aboriginal word meaning inner deep listening and quiet still awareness and waiting.

Listen and watch Miriam Rose, Australian Senior of the Year 2021 share some insight >

Last week I was feeling restless and indecisive, finding distraction with getting a drink, getting something to eat, doing another task and others to avoid focusing and sitting at the desk.  Noting my restless, I intentionally stepped away from the desk, grabbed my light weight blanket and sat crossed legged on the floor.  I nestled into the position resting the backs of my hands on my knees.  I exhaled three Ooooooommmms and sat quietly, eyes closed, inhaling-exhaling.  When I felt at ease, I simply got up and resumed by day at the desk.  Feeling content.

Who else has had moments of feeling restless or frustrated with their day or moments? How do you ease that?
Are you curious to explore meditation or mindfulness further?

Over decades I have been guided and experienced different meditations.  Experiences that now sit in my mind and can be pulled at depending on how I am feeling, how much time I have or what I wish to experience from it.

Meditation – Mindfulness programs

Spa Wellness Travel currently has three Meditation Mindfulness programs available if you are curious to explore more and retreat.

Hugs & happiness, Karen

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I just wanted to take this time to say a very big thank you to you. I think this is the first time in my whole time of being a travel agent that I have truly got satisfaction that I know I have done something really good by someone.

Annette, Travel Agent ~ TAS