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Signature Services

Visit a quality day spa and you have the opportunity to book-in for their signature treatment; that is a combination of treatments or rituals that are unique to the day spa or spa product, allowing you to blissfully rejuvenate.  Here, at Spa Wellness Travel we offer you our Signature Service.

Utilise our Signature Service to have a bespoke small group journey created or a gathering with a wellness facilitator whether it be for an informative or active outcome.  Our holistic approach gives joy and ease!


At Spa Wellness Travel we understand the many treatments, therapies and practises found within the 'world of spa and wellness' that can be utilised within your bespoke Signature Service and they have been known to provide benefits such as:

  • boost the immune system
  • improve circulation
  • develop self-esteem
  • reduce insomnia
  • minimise stress
  • induce calm
  • lift depression
  • nourish the skin and skin type
  • promote energy and vitality
  • improve concentration
  • stimulate relaxation
  • entice fun and happiness



Our Signature Service leisure package guests can choose to retreat alone or gather friends to share the journey. Spa Wellness Travel has access and knowledge on spa and wellbeing activities that may include hiking or cooking class for suggestion, at various destinations whether it is in Australia or overseas.   Be it a long weekend or week long, it’s your journey.



Our Signature Service corporate package can create a positive culture within your work place by encouraging individuals to take-time to release stresses, relax, be at ease and be grateful and appreciative of what is within their life. Spa Wellness Travel can create and blend from an array of locations and spa experiences a retreat that will suit an individual or gathering of colleagues.   

It's proven that when health and wellness is managed well, organisations:

  • Performance increased by more than 2.5 times, alternatively when health and wellness is not managed well organised performance decreased more than 3.5 times.
  • Number of engaged employees increased nearly 8 times, alternatively when health and wellness is not managed well the number of disengaged employees doubles.
  • Creativity and innovation increased more than 3.5 times, alternatively when health and wellness is not managed well creativity and innovation decreased nearly 7 times.
  • Study: wellness & productivity management


At Spa Wellness Travel we have an the array of reputable wellness and lifestyle facilitators that can contribute to your Signature Service package including:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Fitness
  • Qi gong
  • Self-Development
  • Chef
  • Massage


Signature Service - Spa Tennis

Want to improve your tennis, what to give dedicated time to enhancing your game and love a tropical event and a spa treatment or two?  Our Signature Spa Tennis package is designed for four guests to retreat together.  If you have more or less guests, simply contact us.   Here is our Spa Tennis package.

 PDF icon Tennis Spa signature service 2019 20.pdf


Signature Service - Bride to be Celebrations

We'll create a day, weekend or week long celebration that embraces the mind-body-spirit of the bride to be and yourselves.  As you will appreciate each Bride to be Celebration is a bespoke package depending on the location, number of celebratees and inclusions, but we have the joy of discussing that with you.  You can read here a few suggestions.  Bride to be Celebration options 

PDF icon Bride to Be Celebration Options


Call Spa Wellness Travel today for all thoughts and reservations regarding our Signature Service:
Telephone 03-5254 1411 or email Signature Services.