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Anti-Ageing and Rejuvenation

This program offers advanced Wellness and Anti-Ageing solutions of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine.

Its starts by detoxing and immune system strengthening, then guests are lead to the timeless experience of Alkalizing the body, mind and thoughts.  As no bad cells can live in the Alkaline...

Spa Holiday Program

For those wanting to rejuvenate, revive and harmonise, ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY'S Spa Holiday programs allows you to choose from a wide array of massages, facial and body treatments as well as yoga exercises to help you refresh and recharge. With healthy nutritious spa cuisine, relaxing treatments at...

Spa Signature Holiday

This Spa Holiday package is offered for the guest that loves and is in need of some personal and nuturing attention.  The skillful hands and experience of the spa therapists allow your mind, body and spirit relax and in return you feel radient and rejuvenated.

This exclusive package is a...

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