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Detox / Cleanse

Enriched Gut

Recent research has revealed the critical role that digestion and gut health plays on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Imbalances in the levels of bacteria and microflora in the gut, as well as poor digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination, can weaken the immune system...

Absolute Sanctuary - Thailand - spa wellness retreat

Holistic Detox

Absolute Sanctuary's Holistic Detox program has been developed for those who are seeking a more holistic touch to their detox with supportive healing spa treatments and alternative therapies, in addition to the standard Signature Detox programs. Available in 5, 7 or 12 a day package. 

Lifestyle Change - 30 days

A structured 3-phase program to support you on the journey to transform you to the best you!

Phase one starts your program by embarking on a fasting and detox journey, clearing and ridding the body of toxins and releasing old energy before you start anew with new plans and goals.  Take...

Men's Vitality

The Men's Vitality program caters for men who are looking to lose weight, get fit and de-stress through a dedicated program encompassing cleansing therapies, physical activity, nourishing foods, rejuvenating therapies and stress management sessions.  Ideal for men who are stressed out, fatigued...

Absolute Sanctuary - Thailand - spa wellness retreat

Modified Detox

ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY'S Modified Detox program has been specially designed for beginners or for those not too comfortable with doing daily colonics.  It provides one with an insight to what a full detox program entails without the intensity of daily colon hydrotherapy sessions and a full fasting...

Santani Detox

Regular cleansing of the body is a core preventative care that will help prevent the occurrence of many diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues etc

Santani Detox can be customised to different needs and durations starting from 7 days then up to 21 days. These can...

Signature Detox

ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY’S signature Detox program are designed to meet individual needs and requirements. You have the choice of an Ultimate Detox is a full fasting program, whilst The Living Foods Detox involves two detox meals that can consist of raw vegetarian or cooked...

Stress Management

The program involves a number of Mind activities, Mindfulness and Stress & Burnout check-ups and retreat programs - often with visiting Masters and Art of Living Foundation Course.

The program teaches to let go and ultimately surrender - to the divine inside you.

The Farm...


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