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Sleep Enhancement

Santani Sleep

Many of us struggle to sleep, for some this means turning to sedatives or sleeping bills.  This is for guests who choose to sleep well naturally. Additional, it will help anyone with anxiety, stress, depression and other related conditions.

The wellness experts at Santani incorporate...

Sleep Enhancement

The focus of the Sleep Enhancement program is to be re-establish healthy and restful sleep while addressing sleep issues and imbalances, not only during a guest's time at Kamalaya, but also for the long term back home. Sleep difficulties are addressed through a combination of core treatments and...

Sleep Well

The Sleep Well program is dedicated to help you establish a better sleep by improving your quality of sleep through sleep rituals, specialised massages and therapies.  Ideal for those who find it difficult to sleep, who suffer from insomnia or lack good quality sleep. Available for a 5, 7 or 10...

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