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Absolute Sanctuary - Thailand - spa wellness retreat

Holistic Detox

Absolute Sanctuary's Holistic Detox program has been developed for those who are seeking a more holistic touch to their detox with supportive healing spa treatments and alternative therapies, in addition to the standard Signature Detox programs. Available in 5, 7 or 12 a day package. 

Lifestyle Change - 30 days

A structured 3-phase program to support you on the journey to transform you to the best you!

Phase one starts your program by embarking on a fasting and detox journey, clearing and ridding the body of toxins and releasing old energy before you start anew with new plans and goals.  Take...

The Banjaran Hotsprings

Longevity Program

Decelerate the signs of ageing and restore health with the Longevity Program. Immerse in a range of antioxidant body therapies, as well as a series of natural spa and wellness activities to help you get the best out of life.  Savour a diet rich in antioxidants. Also available for 7, 14 and 21...

Men's Vitality

The Men's Vitality program caters for men who are looking to lose weight, get fit and de-stress through a dedicated program encompassing cleansing therapies, physical activity, nourishing foods, rejuvenating therapies and stress management sessions.  Ideal for men who are stressed out, fatigued...

Absolute Sanctuary - Thailand - spa wellness retreat

Modified Detox

ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY'S Modified Detox program has been specially designed for beginners or for those not too comfortable with doing daily colonics.  It provides one with an insight to what a full detox program entails without the intensity of daily colon hydrotherapy sessions and a full fasting...

Spa Wellness Travel Kamalaya Personal Yoga Synergy

Personal Yoga Synergy

The Kamalaya Personal Yoga Synergy offers private one-to-one yoga sessions with customised instruction along with complementary treatments, including Ayurveda therapies from our experienced Indian therapists. This personal yoga and wellness retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis...

Personalised Yoga

For guests whether experienced or novice. This adaptable program focuses on yoga in Sri Lanka, as a holistic development for the mind and body.

Santani offers traditional Hatha yoga.  Visiting practitioners supplement this selection with other forms of yoga (subject to availability)....

Pilates Reformer Bootcamp Program

The Pilates Reformer Bootcamp holiday is ideal for both Pilates beginners or aficionados alike. Guests will not only enjoy two group reformer classes a day, but also a postural analysis and an individual one-on-one private reformer session with an instructor. The all-inclusive package also...


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