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Dynamic Fitness Kick-Starter

Regular physical activity is one of the most important aspects to maintain optimum wellbeing.  Regardless of your age or fitness level, The Barai's Dynamic Fitness Kick-Starter is ideal for those wanting to develop their fitness level in a supporting environment.  The guided, results-orientated...

Island Escape

There comes a time when you simply need to escape...

Shanti Maurice

Nira Body Beautiful

Nira Body Beautiful is the Nira Spa's solution to detox.  All the therapies in this package are cleverly combined to rid the body of impurities that accumulate over a period of time, using centuries old remedies and techniques.  As detoxification is a process, the treatment inclusions of Body...

Shanti Maurice

Renewed You

Renewed You unites physical workout and body treatments with guided spiritual focus to target problems associated with weight management.  In this package long established international disciplines are drawn on and enhanced by using of the blends of traditional medicinal herbs from India, 100%...

Spa Culture

Its time to surrender and retreat to the natural luxury of Amanpulo and experience the traditional healing massage of the Philippines, allowing your mind and body rebalance

Tennis Spa

Game. Set. Match. And everything else in between.  Gather with like-minded tennis enthusiasts or gather your friends and embark upon six days with tennis coaching, spa treatments, wholesome cuisine and much more.

This package is designed for eight to twelve guests, so a social game of...

Wedding Blessing

This special Amanpulo celebration is a unique and memorable experience.  Renew your vows with a "Wedding Blessing" - your sentimental ceremony will performed by a Filipino wedding officer in a setting on a powder-white sand beach at sunset, only steps away from the turquioise waters of Sulu Sea...

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