Herbal Wrap/Bath (hot or cold)

Herbal Wrap/Bath (hot or cold)

The body is wrapped in warm linen or cotton sheets which have been steeped like tea bags in a variety of aromatic herbs, then covered with blankets or towels, preventing the moist heat from escaping. Additionally, a cool compress is applied to the forehead. Herbal wraps help relax the muscles, soothe soreness and soften skin. However, some people find the heat oppressive and the cocoon effect of the wet sheets and blankets smothering. To avoid feeling claustrophobic, the arms may remain outside of the wrap.

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Hope you are well; you are my first email as Justin and I am extremely grateful for your attention with our booking. The Peninsula staff went way beyond for my birthday, thanks to you. It was the best trip ever we were blown away by the hotel and its attention to detail.

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