Be Aware

October is a reminder to check your breasts. 

There is approximately 57 women diagnosed with breast cancer a day in Australia, 1 in 7 diagnosed in their lifetime, that is over 20,000 per year. For men, there is 1 in 500 diagnosed in their lifetime, nearly two hundred a year advised National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Breast Caner was something I was completely unaware of, but on 8 October 2007 I had a lumpectomy. An change within your breast, just not a lump is worthy of a medical consultation. Then nearing my five year clearance, a second lump was diagnosed in the same breast. Not a happy time at all.  That then became my ten year journey with the breast cancer medics and an altered life.

As mentioned, before my diagnoses I was oblivious to breast cancer. It was not in my family and I had not known anyone who had been affected by it. Like many of us “if it doesn’t affect me”, we don’t give it much if any consideration.

Before commencing surgery and the follow up radiotherapy, I searched for information trying to figure out why, how and what do I do. Thank goodness for friends, family and people I met, who I could talk, discuss or research options, emotions and changes, trying to seek a deeper understanding.

One thing I was certain of, was that I wanted my body and mind to be, I’d like to say best, but what measure is that really!  I wanted to be in a wholesome state, so my body and mind could heal and recover with ease and sooner than later.

At the time, I was fortunate there was a local GP who was also a Ayurvedic practitioner. After our consultation I commenced a two week detox, nothing hardcore, but a change in diet and a daily tablet applicable for my Vata dosha.   I felt content and went on through my unexpected journey.

The message here is…Be Aware – do check your breasts and speak up if you discover any change, it doesn’t have to be “just a lump!”  When I was diagnosed the rate for women was 1 in 9, now it is in 1 in 7 women diagnosed. This is not deaths, but a diagnoses. There maybe more detections now, but early detection is way better than a late detection, hopefully heling with eliminating a terminal outcome.

Do take time for yourself. Once again, Be Aware of what life choices you are making for yourself – it is a balanced a wholesome existence for your mind-body-spirit? If you feel you need to talk to someone or retreat or take up a new practice that gives a positive outcome for you, do it.

After my first bout of treatments were complete, I retreated to Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, that was my time to shift back into being me.

Here are some retreats that may be of interest to you or simply contact Spa Wellness Travel to discuss other options:

Press Reset, Bali

Radiant Bliss, Thailand

Women’s Holistic Health, Thailand

Resilience & Immunity, Thailand

Men’s Vitality, Thailand

Over the years we have donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia

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